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I have to say, Karyn was a huge help and inspiration when I decided to go cloth with all three of my kids. Got me fully kitted out and up to speed. I would never have been brave enough to do it without her support. Best thing she ever recommended was the washable bin liner.

Just bought some nappies today FINALLY after lots of research and going to the amazing workshop. Would like to truly say had the BEST shopping experience - THANK YOU KARYN!!!!! She was really helpful and even went out of her way to make it easy for me to buy everything and give me some more advice on do's and dont's. Will buy some more when baby is bigger. Now with the little tiny fits I bought I just need my little baby. :) thanks for the amazing service and help :)

Karyn, thanks again for answering my questions. Am totally loving the cloth nappies!  It's the only way ... putting on a huggies a night feels so wrong!

Thanks so much to the team at Nappy Days, nappies arrived today and look great! Thanks and look forward to dealing with you again :-)

Thanks Karyn, that's fantastic. You have such excellent customer service - very impressed you are still answering work emails at night!

We are REALLY happy with our tots bots bamboozles we brought from you last month.They are great. Looking forward to purchasing more from you as our son grows! Thanks kindly.

Nappies have arrived thanks a bunch for great service and product as always :-)

I'm very much looking forward to trialing and starting my tot bots collection with baby due in a couple of months! Ive heard nothing but good things! Thanks for the speedy response and quick delivery!! Top notch service!

I just wanted to say that I'm really happy with the nappies. So much so that I know of three other Mums who have bought some too after seeing them on my little girl & asking what I thought! Great product :)

I am very impressed with the service you guys provide, ordered Monday and arrived Tuesday twice, all the updates via email are awesome as let me know exactly what is going on. Much appreciated, keep up the excellent service.

Thank you so much for your fantastic service, my nappies all arrived today.

Just a quick note, the nappies arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your support on Friday, I will recommend Nappy Days to anyone who wants to know about cloth nappies (and to those who don't ;-) ).

Thank you so much for the replacement nappy and for sending it out to us so promptly. You have provided awesome customer service and I will definitely be recommending your company to other Mums. Many thanks once again.

These nappies are amazing. They are so easy to use and way more absorbent than flat nappies and prefolds.

LOVE these nappies, super easy to use. Just like a disposables. But better. : ) my fav.

While I was pregnant with my 4th child I saw the ‘Nappy lady’ demonstrating tots bots nappies on Good morning.

I decided that I would purchase some nappies and give cloth nappies a go. As soon as I received the nappies I was very impressed as they were all so soft and very easy to use. I use the flexitots nappies and find them fantastic. My daughter is now 10 months old and I have been using these nappies since she was born and cannot rave about them enough. My daughter has never had any nappy rash and never had any leakage problems. As my older 3 children were in disposables I feel that I am in a good position to compare the 2 different types of nappies. With disposables I frequently had leakage issues and my first daughter was even allergic to the Velcro side fastenings on nappies and ended up with large open sores on either side of her hips. All of the others in disposable had nappy rash too. With regard to the price comparison I can’t quite believe how much I have spent on nappies over the years. Although the initial outlay for cloth nappies seems a lot you soon recoup these costs.

From an environmental point of view I remember my bins being over flowing with dirty disposable nappies but with washables this isn’t an issue. When I change my baby I just put the soiled nappy into a laundry bag inside a dry nappy bucket and wash them each day along with my other whites. As I am doing daily washing it doesn’t create any extra work. I have never soaked my nappies and I find by hanging them outside they remain soft and stain free. I use my nappies all the time and even now they still look brand new and wear extremely well, in fact the absorbency gets better and better over time. The nappies are extremely easy to use and even my husband and 13-year-old daughter have no problems using them. I use a washable liner inside each nappy and I find that helps to keep the moisture away from baby’s bottom. I think these nappies are marvelous in every possible way and only wish that I had used them for my other 3 children.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the prize that my dad won on my behalf from ‘Good Morning’. The nappies are awesome and so easy to use I hadn’t heard of this brand before and was in the process of comparing all the reusable nappies so couldn’t be happier with the prize. Once again thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the nappies! After using the sample of stretch bamboo nappy that you kindly sent out I have been looking forward to using these.They are as we speak being washed a few times as at the moment I can take advantage of the drying weather! Can I take this opportunity to say thank you to you for your help, patience and emailing to solve my 'leakage' problem. Its great to find a company devoted to its customer service and showing that you will go out of your way to solve problems!
A very happy mummy!!

Wow... Flexi tots, Flexi tots, Flexi tots... where have you been all my nappying days???

To date, I have tried 21 different brands of nappies (mainly on the quest to find the perfect nappy, but also cloth naps have become quite a passion of mine) and I have always avoided Flexi tots because I was convinced pocket or all-in-one nappies were easier and trimmer than fitted plus covers. After chatting to Kate, I decided to give the new one-size flexi tots a try. Super. Super. Super. They tick all the boxes. I have been using them full time since receiving them.

They are super trim on my toddler, and they last him for hours. They are the first nappy I have ever used where I trust it will last a car trip, and overnight. Plus, the wraps are so super duper cutesie! They also fit my 9 week old and last longer than any disposable I have tried.I now have a good mixture of Easy fits Fluffles, and Flexi tots and it’s the best system ever. Both are super fast drying and one size so I canuse them all on both bubs.Trust me, I know my nappies! And I am very critical and particular about what I want from a nappy system.

I am amazed at the absorbency of the Flexis, and love that the absorbent 'core' now folds out for faster drying, and easy boosting.Thanks to both of you Kate and Jodie for providing such amazing service. You were both super helpful and the naps arrived quickly. My husband (who thinks I am a nappy crazed lunatic) even told me he thinks they are the best looking naps I have tried!! Won't bleat on any more.

You guys should be so proud, and I hope one day I can run a nappy and baby gear store that is half as amazing as your web store!!

I would like to express great appreciation and thanks to you and Nappy Days Limited for your generosity in providing cloth nappies, which have assisted Crew 18 with our graduation, film 'Wonderland'. Production has now finished for all three short films and our post-production is near finalised. The screening of our films will be next Wednesday night 9th December at the Paramount Theatre on Courtenay Place in Wellington where we would be honoured if you would grace us with your presence. Again, thank you so much for your kind generosity to the NZ Film and TV School.

Thanks for the free sample of Potion you sent me! I am very happy with it, as you can read... And have tried it with normal washing and dirty kids-clothes-washing too!!

My opinion:
Something about your new Potion...
It seems to be always in motion
With all the sparkles and blue bits,
It is already working when you look at it!
All smelly poos and wees,
Come out on 30 degrees
Still smelly covers, but no dirt to be seen,
Are becoming completely fresh and clean!!
But even glue and a paint-spot
They all come out, the whole lot!
So thank you for bringing Potion to my attention,
I will use it again in my “mansion”!
Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service when I ordered my nappy covers. They arrived on Tuesday and they are lovely. I ordered the wrong size online, but a quick phone call sorted that out! Love the free samples too. You could teach bigger companies a thing or two about customer service!
Emma M

Thank you so much for delivering the nappies so fast. The tot’s bots lasted ALL night with no leaks or anything, no more disposables at night for us, thank you so much!
Jody C

"I used prefold cloth nappies with my older child, but they needed a lot of work to keep them looking good. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I wanted to find cloth nappies that didn't need the time-consuming soaking and whitening. I found Tot bots and was impressed with their products and customer service. And when we started using the nappies, it was a huge relief to be able to simply throw them in the washing machine on cold wash and have them come out looking great... so easy!

We had all three children in nappies for seven months right through winter and it was no problem. And even with the extra electricity for washing and laundry powder, the cost savings are fantastic. With all three in nappies, we would go through around 16-20 nappies a day which would be $100+ a week for disposables... and I just couldn't face those extra garbage bags going out on rubbish day either."

Wow we are totally in love with the new Easy Fit nappies. They are so easy to use and my daughter adores them.... they are her favourite nappy and if it is not in the basket she packs a wobbly and wont wear anything else so we have had to order more...grandma and dad love them too. I also can’t believe how fast they dry.... well-done Tot Bots another unbelievable nappy.
Shawna. T
My Husband and I cannot believe how much money we are saving now we are using your nappies on our twins!! Before we were spending around $120 per week on disposables!! We have easily covered our nappy costs during the first couple of months and now we are saving $120 per week in our savings account, which we could have still been spending on disposable nappies!!!! We love you guys!!
A & P Donalds
Thank you very much for my order :) it came first thing this morning. I was totally impressed with the compostable plastic bag!!! And then to look inside and find some free liner samples and the cute little pegs and body oil...wow awesome! Well done to you guys :) Can't wait to buy more nappies from you. Keep up the good work!
Katie (one very happy customer indeed)

After much research and looking into many, many different kinds of nappy brands I came across tot’s bots reusable nappies. I thought they looked gorgeous and loved the name (we chose the Popper Bamboozles) Everything I read sounded great, so I went ahead and ordered some! Our little guy had been in good quality disposables and I wasn’t happy. It was costing us a fair amount each week, the rubbish we were producing was huge and above all we were getting leaks of both kinds frequently! He would leak throughout the day and wouldn’t last a night without us having to change him about 3 times (plus his clothes and all the blankets…it was so frustrating!!) Hence I couldn’t wait for the Tots Bots Bamboozles to get here (which was nice and quick - thanks).

Upon arriving I couldn’t wait to use them, they were nice and soft and as per the instructions I gave them a wash before use. (Bamboozles are recommended to have a few washes before use as the absorbency increases) but I couldn’t wait and used them after one wash! To say I was impressed would be an understatement. They were easy to put on, we had a few practices to get the right popper folds and fit we wanted on William (I imagine the aplix would be super simple!) My husband was worried that he wouldn’t be able to work out the poppers but right from the start he was a pro at changing him. I went for the big test straight away and used one of these as my night nappy. I popped in a bamboo booster and put William to bed. For starters he slept well (William is a good sleeper but often his damp clothes and bedding disturbed him and woke him) so come the next morning I went in expecting the usual wet clothes and blankets. As I lifted him out of bed I couldn’t believe it, there was nothing! No damp spots or wetness! I was blown away and incredibly happy!

Since then we have constantly used bamboozles as his night nappy. They last him his whole sleep – about 8 hours and that’s even unboosted. We are amazed. We have only had a few leaks total. I was worried about his early morning explosions but they have withstood even that, Once or twice we’ve had a little leak but that was contained inside the cover, not through his clothes like it used to be – yuck! All in all we are very, very, very nappy happy chaps!! Our only regret is we didn’t discover these sooner!
Sarah Z
Well I’ve been using the nappies for a wee while now and LOVE them! My fleece liners are working great with them and I am so pleased to be a 100% washable nappy user. My husband thought I was just a little bit mad when he was getting blow-by-blow accounts of how the nappies were fairing overnight! You invited me to let you know what I think of them so here goes (sorry if I rabbit on a bit… I’m a tots bots fan!).

I am using a combination of bamboozles and Flexi Tots nappies with my wee girl. I was sceptical that any washable nappy could handle overnight use since she frequently leaked out of a disposable overnight. I am thrilled to say that the bamboozle with boosters can do the job! The longest she has made it without leaking is a whopping 12 hours!! Yeah!!! The Flexi Tot nappy is great … lovely and trim around her hips, between her legs and waist. I do find the bottom a little bulbous but the benefits outweigh this point. They are also nice and absorbent although I haven’t used them overnight … I tend to save them for daytime since they are so trim for clothing. I happily use the bamboozles during the day too since they are not too bulky either. I live on the West Coast of the South Island so drying time was important for me. The Flexi Tot dries faster than the
bamboozle. To dry indoors next to the fire takes less than 24 hours. I also like knowing that I can use the dryer as back up with the bamboozles (although I haven’t needed to yet), another reason I like working with the two styles. I have also noted that there is barely any odour when the nappy is quite wet in comparison to the now notable chemically smell from a disposable.I love these nappies, both have excellent absorbency, both are trim, just the Flexi Tot is even trimmer than the bamboozle. The fabrics are so soft even after lots of washing. Very proud to hear they come out of Glasgow and very pleased to be able to access them here in NZ.
Julianne B
Thanks guys I am loving flexi tots. I have been using flexi tots for my twin girls for a few months now and I am loving them. I am yet to have a leak with either of my girls. They are so easy to use and simple to clean, no staining and they dry fast and soft. I have used them during a 7hr car trip and during a 10-day holiday from home and they were not a problem. People thought I was mad using them on holiday but its so easy so why would I. I also love knowing that all those nappies aren't
going to the landfill. I can't recommend them highly enough!!!
WOW! What a revolution!! Napi-tastic!! You can bet ya’ BOTTOM $dollar$ that this is the winning package! We really have taken to the Flexi-Tot providing our little man with a real ‘ComfiBot’!!! The Flexi Tot is a soft and squidgy nappy, which you can’t help but caress, so the feeling on babies bottom will undoubtedly be a comfortable experience. It’s lightweight and compact approach not only helps to contain your little ones offerings(!) but keeps baby in proportion too – no more bulky
bottoms under clothing. (This in itself means our little ones are more balanced and our clothing lasts that much longer and babies are not outgrowing items as quickly). We love the Aplix fastening tabs because they are so easy to use – no need to tumble and fumble with those poppers! Because of the microfiber core it dries really fast - we simply hang ours on the line to dry in the natural sunshine after a cool clear wash and away we go again! Drying times are quicker than the cotton / bamboo nappies, and on a par with the Fluffles and certainly seem to retain a newer SOFT appearance than the cotton nappies we have.

The absorbency is in our experience and general view exceptional thanks to the combination of the fabrics. After all this is so very critical to the happiness and welfare of our baby and our fun family days.The overall - we love them!

If we were to be critical we would like to have MORE of them and perhaps in funky colours too with maybe a see-through / transparent plastic cover so that the ‘FunkiTot’ designs (I’ll await my Royalties once the ‘FunkiTot’ takes off!!) can be shown off!!!!!

THANK YOU NAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie and Dave

HI, Just wanted to say I think the nappies are awesome, I only wish I had of used them for my other two kids; they are heaps better than disposable!!!!

I decided I wanted to use a nappy that was not only kind to the environment but also kind to my baby’s skin that was very important to us. I decided to try both Bamboozles and Organic Cotton Tots Nappies from Tots bots to see which was the better product along side normal cloth nappies and both Huggies and Treasures Ultra disposables. I was amazed at the absorbency of both Bamboozles and the Organic Cotton Tots Nappies, so much so that I stopped using the disposables altogether even at nighttime! They are also so much easier to use than cloth nappies that my 12-year-old daughter and husband are even able to change babies nappy without meworrying that baby will get stuck with a pin. I am still not sure which Tots bots nappy I like better, Ilove the silky feel of the Bamboozles and the natural antibacterial properties of this product, but the softness and fast drying ability of the Organic Cotton Tots Nappy not too mention the funky colours are also a hit with us! I have had no leaks at all and the best part is I have saved at least $60 in one month alone by not purchasing disposables. Excellent Product, Excellent Service!
C Boyd