Newbie Nappy Guide: TotsBots Bamboozle Nappy System

We get it - getting started with cloth nappies can seem intimidating! Our Newbie Nappy Guide series is here to answer any questions you may have and to help you feel confident when making the switch to cloth.
The TotsBots Bamboozle Nappy System is our brilliant two-part option for anyone needing extra absorbency, along with the flexibility to choose what works best for you and baby - both day and night.
The system is made up of:
  1. a waterproof Bamboozle Wrap
  2. a thirsty Bamboozle Stretch
  3. customisable Bamboozle Day to Night Pads

1. The Bamboozle Wrap

This is your wipeable waterproof layer. It uses comfortable velcro tabs to ensure the perfect fit around baby’s tum, and due to its recycled plastic lining it can be wiped clean between uses and used again (up to 5 times) before heading for the wash. The Wrap is used over top of the Bamboozle Stretch, or the Bamboozle Pads can be snapped into place on the Wrap to create a low-bulk, fast drying option. The clever stitch-free leg seams and waterproof tummy area ensures leaks are kept at bay, keeping your little one happy and dry!
Let’s not forget, each Bamboozle Wrap saves 2 plastic bottles from landfill!

2. The Bamboozle Stretch

This  multi award winning nappy is the star of this show. Not only is it perfect for heavy wetters, it is our go-to night time nappy option. Made from super thirsty and soft bamboo with a microfibre core, this nappy can hold up to a whopping 855ml (size 3) and will happily see you through up to 12 hours/ overnight. Made from certified Oekotex-100 fabric means no harmful chemicals on babies bum - perfect for sensitive skin.

3. Bamboozle Day to Night Pads

These are the last (but not least) part of this system. They are a pair of multi-layered bamboo pads (one small, one big) that can be snapped together or used separately to create low-bulk absorbency inside a Bamboozle Wrap. At change time, snap the dirty pads off the Bamboozle Wrap for the wash, wipe the Bamboozle Wrap clean if you like and pop in a new pad (or 2). And the best part? They take hardly any time to dry on the clothesline! This is because there are no fancy folds or pockets, simply 2 bamboo pads that can be hung in one layer in the sun.


  • You can also snap a Bamboozle Day To Night Pad into the Bamboozle Stretch for super-duper absorbency!
  • This system makes use of velcro, poppers and elastic to fit right through from birth-to-potty (size 2).

See - not so tricky is it! We hope this has eased any worries you had about jumping into the TotsBots Bamboozle Nappy System. Next up we will be talking through the TotsBots EasyFit Nappies, your easy peasy all-in-one option from TotsBots.

Please let us know if you have used and loved your Bamboozles, or still have any questions!

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