Which Nappy Should I Choose?

The Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) world can be intimidating! We know the savings can be HUGE compared to the cost of disposables - but the initial investment can leave you worrying if you are choosing the right product for your little ones needs.

Let us help!

To start with, its important to be aware that a nappy your friend from antenatal group LOVES may have a poor fit for your little one and have leaks. This is completely normal (although frustrating)! All kids have different sized legs, different length bodies, different size tummies, and they have different amounts of pee output. The best advice we can give you is to purchase a few nappies in different styles and from different brands, before taking the plunge and investing in a full kit.

As far as TotsBots goes - let us help you decide which style is likely to suit your needs:

Bamboozle Day To Night Pads - These little beauties are part of the two-part Bamboozle system (so you must pair them with a waterproof Wrap). You can use one pad on its own if you are not expecting too much pee, or use both snapped together for great absorbency (and even night time use). It is estimated that you will need 1 Bamboozle Wrap for every 5 pairs of Bamboozle Pads - this is because if the wrap is not dirty, you can simply pop in new Pads and wear the same Wrap again. A huge benefit of the Day To Night Pads system is that the Pads and Wrap can be snapped apart which means there is less bulk to dry after washing - meaning faster drying time.

Slimline 3/3   Absorbency 2/3   Easy to use 2/3   Easy to dry 3/3


Bamboozle Stretch - This product wins heaps of awards for a reason! If you feel your little one is a heavy-wetter - the Bamboozle Stretch system is the product for you. Holding up to a whopping 855ml (for size 3), this nappy is fantastic for night time use but can easily be used in the daytime if need be. Again, this is part of the two-part system so needs to be paired with a waterproof Wrap. With mega absorbency does come some bulk (the absorbent fabric has to fit in somewhere!), but we assure you its worth it.

Slimline 1/3   Absorbency 3/3   Easy to use 1/3   Easy to dry 1/3


EasyFit - Just like disposables, only better for the planet! As the name suggests, these nappies are super easy to use - all-in-one just like a disposable. EasyFit nappies are fantastic for older caregivers and dads who want a no-fuss option. The absorbent layer is attached on one end and folded inside the nappy, so they can be unfolded into one layer and dried quicker. The waterproof layer is attached so you don't need to purchase this separately.

Slimline 2/3   Absorbency 2/3   Easy to use 3/3   Easy to dry 2/3


Training Pants - If your little one is showing signs of being ready to toilet train, the TotsBots Training Pants can bridge the gap between a full-on nappy and underpants. These are a slimline pull-up waterproof pant with a stitched in absorbent layer. They are designed to hold poo and a smaller amount of pee, just in case of accidents. The absorbent layer uses soft Minky fabric, which traps moisture fast and is gentle on skin.

Slimline 3/3   Absorbency 1/3   Easy to use 3/3   Easy to dry 2/3



A guide to the Nappy Points system - the more points the better:

  • Slimline: indicates whether the product is more slim (3) or bulky (1)
  • Absorbency: indicates if the product is ideal for a heavy wetter (3) or not (1)
  • Easy to use: 3 being super easy, 1 meaning it takes a little time to put the nappy layers on baby
  • Easy to dry: 3 being fast drying, 1 meaning more layers of absorbency and a longer drying time


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