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TotsBots Ethics

All of our nappies, wraps and accessories are made here at our own factory in the UK. In our current economic climate we feel it is important to employ and train people in need of work. A couple of factories have recently closed in Glasgow and we are delighted to have been able to add some highly qualified machinists to our team. It is nice to be one of the few growing manufacturing businesses in the UK. In the past, a small proportion of Bamboozle Stretchies were been made in Turkey which helped us to cope with an unexpected spikes in demand. However, we have now made the decision to bring back all of our manufacturing to the UK and all of our nappies are now made in the UK, in our factory in Glasgow.

All of our raw materials, plastic products etc. are ethically sourced. It is of the utmost importance to us here at TotsBots that our products are produced in a fair way. A happy workforce always makes the best products. Here’s what Ethical Consumer had to say about us:

"By identifying those companies such as TotsBots who consider ethics throughout their entire operation, the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label gives shoppers the confidence that they are making the best possible ethical and environmental choice. The label is the definitive endorsement for people who want to put principles at the top of their shopping list". – Rob Harrison – Ethical Consumer editor

Our Textiles

Because we love textiles almost as much as we love babies.  Oeko-tex 100 certification is your guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used in the TotsBots production process. We are the only nappy company in the world to have our whole range of nappies Oeko-tex certified. This is something we are very proud of. We make our reusable nappies from several fabrics, each with its own unique properties. Read on if you want a bit more information on the fabrics:

Minkee – Supersoft and fast drying

Our absorbent minkee is made from a highly specialised, super fine micro polyester yarn. This yarn is significantly thinner than standard microfibre yet it has a much higher number of filaments – individual fibres. The resulting fabric has a much higher surface area for liquid to cling to making it super absorbent. The fabric is incredibly soft and retains this softness no matter how hard your water is. It is stain resistant and dries incredibly quicky. Just perfect for making nappies with!

Bamboo fibre – Slim fit and silky soft

One of a new breed of ‘green’ man made cellulose fibres. Similar to classic viscose, the cross section of bamboo fibre is covered in tiny micro holes giving superior absorbtion and breathability to cotton. It is also incredibly soft with a feeling akin to cashmere/silk. Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource, which grows without the need for agrochemicals and has a very short growth cycle. The processing is done within strict environmental guidelines according to ISO 9000 & 14000.

Microfibre – Quick dry, stay soft

A purely synthetic material, microfibre terry has one of the highest liquid retention capacities around. Superfine strands of polyester provide a much increased surface area to attract water molecules. Due to the unique way in which it absorbs, microfibre dries incredibly quickly. It also stays completely soft even after washing in hard water. The resulting nappy greatly reduces energy use in the home by negating the need for tumble-drying.

PUL – Polyurethanelaminate - The Waterproof Bit

Our waterproof fabric is as good as it gets. Supersoft polyester yarn is knitted to our specification and is then coated with a state of the art waterproof membrane. The resulting cloth is super soft, super stretchy and really durable. Just perfect for making nappies and wraps.

Brushed anti-wick Polyester

Used in our Easyfit and Teenyfit nappies this is really clever cloth. It provides a barrier between the absorbent core of the nappies and the outside world preventing any wetness leaking at the legs and waist. As long as the nappy isn’t sodden of course. Nothing will hold in wetness in this instance. It stays dry next to baby’s skin and also resists staining. As with all Tots textiles it’s supersoft.

Binky – Thirsty but fast drying

Our Binky fabric strikes the perfect balance between absorbency rate, absorbent capacity and drying time.  This up-to-the-minute

fabric knit has two sides: one side is made of a lush 50/50 cotton and bamboo blend, and the other made up of 100% micro polyester with a silky velour finish. The natural bamboo/cotton blend on the surface gives more fullness to the pile and improves the wet tensile strength making it our most absorbent, state of the art nappy fabric yet!

Our Environment

It’s Official…

Reusable nappies are up to 40% better for the environment than their disposable counterparts (and that’s without taking into account the impact disposables have on our increasingly limited landfill sites). The findings published in the revised ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ (conducted by the environment agency) at the end of 2008 have highlighted that cloth puts control of carbon footprint into the hands of parents. The previous report made some seriously flawed assumptions which we will highlight below:

  • Boil washing nappies – maybe in the 50s and 60s but not nowadays!
  • Tumble drying – we all know this is a last resort. Environment aside, long term it’s better on the bank balance to have a few more nappies in your set.
  • Bleaching – Don’t you dare do that to our nappies. It’s really bad for fabrics.
  • Ironing – Come on, who on earth ever irons nappies (or anything else made from terry).

Hats off to the environment agency for sorting their report out.


We source our materials as locally as possible with many of our fabrics actually being manufactured right here in the UK.
Wherever possible we ship goods by surface. Whilst this takes longer it uses less fuel and less carbon is emitted.
Just like at home we recycle all of the rubbish we can.


All retail packaging must be sufficient to pack the contents and no more. We do not believe in ‘shelf grabbing’. There is nothing worse than purchasing a product that has more plastic in the packaging than the product itself.
Wherever possible our packaging is reusable. The multi-packs come in a handy drawstring cotton bag and the day-packs come in a zip closing PVC bag – great for all those pens and crayons that accumulate! Our single nappies and wraps are packed in oxy-biodegradeable packaging.
We reuse boxes for shipping where we can and recycle those we can’t. If you live in the Glasgow area and are moving house, give us a call, we’ll happily offload some to you.


All our fabric waste is collected on a monthly basis by a well known Boxing bag manufacturer. Like most folk at home we also recycle all plastics, cans and paper waste produced in the factory and offices. We use a local company – they take all the hassle out of recycling and are great bunch of guys.

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