Storing Brooksies Dirty Diapers

Dry Pail:
Get a laundry bin. One with holes is the best. Nappies need to breathe and not be closed up in a sealed bin. Keep in a well ventilated area.

Wet (wee) diapers:

  • Wet diapers can be thrown straight into your dry pail.

Dirty (poopy) diapers:

  • See our 'Wash Routine' to see how to clean dirty nappies.
  • Once poop has been dealt with, throw them in your dry pail.
  • Do not leave dirty nappies in dry pail for more than 3 days or mould could become an issue.

NIGHT nappies (once baby is wearing one all night):

  • must be well rinsed, immediately off the bum in the morning in hot tap water twice before machine rinsing. If not, this can lead to ammonia build up, which leads to stink issues.

Rinse Pail:
This is another laundry bin with holes in. Used to store wet diapers once they have been prewashed, before doing the main wash.

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