The Nappy Lady Workshops

Over the past 9 years cloth nappies have come a long way. They are now easy to use, convenient and trendy. However many parents find them really confusing because there are so many available nowadays.

During this time, The Nappy Lady (Kate Meads) has been working with many councils all over New Zealand to
set up workshops to encourage parents to give cloth nappies a go and increase awareness about how
much waste a baby can produce in their first years of life if disposable nappies are used.

The Nappy Lady workshops are based on nappy styles alone - No brands are promoted. No nappies are sold
through the workshops so there is no sales pressure on the parents to buy. They are simply an educational tool to show parents their options and to also encourage new parents into a more sustainable lifestyle overall.
Look for The Nappy Lady logo to be assured you are attending an authentic Nappy Lady approved workshop.

Check out The Nappy Lady's website for more information about the workshops in your area.


Nappy Days are proud to be a Silver sponsor for The Nappy Lady

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