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Nappy Days

TotsBots Bamboozle Day to Night Pad Fluffy Clouds

TotsBots Bamboozle Day to Night Pad Fluffy Clouds

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Our Bamboozle pads are cleverly designed to be used for light, medium or heavy wetters. 1 set, 2 pads, used 3 ways. Use the smaller pad for light, larger pad for medium, and both together for heavy wetters.

Pop your pads into our waterproof Bamboozle Wrap for an economical nappy system. Wraps can be used for up to 4 consecutive changes, so all you need to do is switch out the wet pads for dry ones and off you go. Great for day-time and compact when you’re out and about.

  • Contents: 1 x set of Bamboozle Pads (2 pads).
  • Small Bamboozle pad can hold 210ml
  • Big Bamboozle pad can hold 270ml
  • Both Bamboozle pads used simultaneously holds up to 480ml
  • Oekotex certified - no harmful chemicals next to your babies skin

We recommend you use this product with a disposable or reusable Liner for easier poo removal and washing.

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