TotsBots Easyfit - 20 Pack

TotsBots Easyfit - 20 Pack

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Save 20% with our Easyfit 20 pack - and get a free 100pk of Biodegradable Liners!

This is the perfect kit to set you up from Birth to Potty with our easy-to-use Easyfit's. The key to having a breezy experience with cloth nappies is having enough of them! Not only does this mean that you will have enough for some to be in the wash, and some to be available for use - it also means the nappies are washed less and so will be in the best condition to be used for future children.

Easyfit nappies fit babies from 3.6kg - 15.9kgs and are an all-in-one nappy, meaning they go on just like a disposable then pop in the wash! The Easyfit can hold up to 385ml.

Simply select Boy, Girl or Unisex - and you can let us know in the notes at checkout if there are any prints that you would like included (subject to availability).

Pack contains:

20 x TotsBots Easyfit Nappies (assorted unless indicated in notes at checkout).

1x TotsBots Biodegradable Liners 100pk

1x Totsbots Cloth Drawstring Bag

Customer Reviews

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Easyfit - easy choice

We're really enjoying the Easyfit nappies. They're as easy to put on and take off as disposables. Not really any special care instructions and dry quicker than other styles on the market.
Highly recommend!

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