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TotsBots Nappy EasyFit STAR Nutty

TotsBots Nappy EasyFit STAR Nutty

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Our award-winning EasyFit reusable nappy is easy to use and will help you reduce waste while saving a little money along the way. You will be nuts not to add this to your basket!

Fits from 8-35lbs. For most babies, this will be from birth to until they are ready for potty training.

Our waterproof outer material is made from recycled plastic waste making us the first reusable nappy company in the world to make 100% of our waterproof fabric out of recycled polyester yarn. So, you're not just reducing your waste by choosing TotsBots, you’re recycling too! There will be on average 2 bottles diverted from landfill with every TotsBots EasyFit nappy!

The EasyFit can hold up to 385ml

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