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1-2-3 Vitamin Barrier Cream

1-2-3 Vitamin Barrier Cream
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Fragile and delicate, your baby's bottom is exposed to constant stresses and can easily become irritated. After 10 years of research and fundamental discoveries about babies' skin, Mustela has revolutionized skin care for the diaper area with its new 1>2>3 Vitamin Barrier Cream: a product with unprecedented levels of efficacy which prevents, relieves and repairs irritations and redness in the diaper area.

Babies' little bottom is particularly fragile. When covered by diapers, they are exposed to constant stresses (urine, stools, diaper rubbing, etc.). Other triggers - such as diarrhoea, teething and antibiotics - can also make them more sensitive. Consequently, even with a faultless hygiene routine, redness and irritations frequently appear.

Unprecedented discoveries about diaper rash

After 10 years of research working alongside leading international specialists, Mustela researchers at Laboratoires Expanscience made a number of major discoveries about babies' skin:

  1. It contains a precious stock of original cells – a true source of life for it. This stock of cells is never greater than at birth, but it is very vulnerable to external stresses between 0 and 2 years old: during this period, the cutaneous barrier is still in the process of developing and is unable to function properly as a protective shield.
  2. Within the framework of this research programme, Mustela researchers also looked right into the heart of the cells that make up the epidermis and discovered the triggers that cause diaper rash and lead to pain – which is particularly acute in children between 0 and 2 years old.

A new generation of diaper creams

Mustela has taken the results of these discoveries and developed a new revolutionary diaper cream: 1>2>3 Vitamin Barrier Cream, which prevents, relieves and repairs irritations and redness in the diaper area. Thanks to a combination of 3 patented natural active ingredients, it goes to work at the very source of these inflammatory phenomena, tackling all the causes of diaper rash:

- Avocado Perseose protects the cutaneous barrier and the skin’s cell reserves.

- Alcacea oxeoline reduces inflammation and relieves discomfort.

- Sunflower Oleodistillate repairs the weakened cutaneous barrier.

New 1>2>3 Vitamin Barrier Cream has been designed to be used both preventively on a daily basis as well as to tackle cases of nappy rash. It prevents, soothes and repairs irritations in the diaper area, providing unrivalled levels of clinically-proven effectiveness.

Made with 98% ingredients of natural origin, it is fragrance free and contains no preservatives. Its high-tolerance formula has been tested on hypersensitive skin and is gentle on babies' bottoms – even the most delicate ones. And we have not forgotten to make it pleasant to use: with its pleasant fragrance, 1>2>3 Vitamin Barrier Cream spreads on easily and does not rub off between diaper changes. It is also very easy to wipe away with a mild cleansing product and can be washed off your hands. A new solution that changes everything, taking care of babies' bottoms and making diaper changes easier!

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