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Welcome to Motorola, a new generation of baby monitors designed with quality in mind, encompassing a large range to suit every parents needs.

Motorola have designed a range of baby monitors from the top of the range MBP36 video monitor to the basic MBP8 monitor. The Motorola monitors all offer excellent quality, featuring huge range up to 990 feet with the most basic model, to the lateset in technology with the MBP36 including video monitoring.

With this new technology, you can watch the video feed via smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer from anywhere. The MBP36 devices even have WiFi connectivity. Or you can simply watch the monitors screen.

This new technology means you interact with your baby from afar and keep a watchful eye with the zoom, pan and tilt movement of the camera to see that your baby is settling without you needing to disturb them. Features such as infrared night vision enable you to monitor in dim lighting and with capabilities to connect multiple camera you can monitor from different areas of a room.

Other features of the MBP monitors include two-way audio; a lullaby music playback function is also at hand to settle baby and room temperature monitoring.

Motorola baby monitors are a new generation of monitors known for their advancements in technology, large product range, secure signal and interference free monitoring.
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