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Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

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Save money

Disposable nappy costs add up fast! Switching to cloth can save you up to $4000
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Quality Construction

Modern designs are quick & easy to change, leak less, dry faster & are more comfortable to wear
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No need to dispose of smelly rubbish. Just add liners & throw in the wash

The Nappy Lady Approved

“Did you know that if every parent in NZ used just 1 cloth nappy on their baby per day, we could prevent 1 million nappies from going to landfill per week?

They are also far better for your pocket. It is possible to save around $4000 per child just by using cloth nappies!
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TotsBots Easyfit Nappies are so convenient and easy to use it is unbelievable...

Easyfit nappies are hands down the most fantastic nappies for during the day.  Why?  Because they are so convenient and easy to use.  They are really trim fitting and dry as fast as a pocket nappy because of the TotsBots fast drying pull out design.  All this and it is also a one size fits most nappy, meaning you only buy one size of nappy.

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Can I use the nappies from birth?

Yes, definitely. For early teeny babies you can use the Teenyfits or we would recommend the size 1 Bamboozle stretch. For average size babies 8lbs plus go straight into the Easyfits or the size 2 Bamboozle Stretch.

What is the best option for a night nappy?

This is the same as for heavy wetters. The Bamboozle is the best nappy for using at night time because the whole nappy is absorbent and it already includes additional absorbent layers that are removable using poppers inside the nappy. You can also add 1 or 2 additional boosters to the nappy to increase the absorbency without compromising the fit around the leg because the waterproof outer is separate.

Will the nappies last for more than one baby?

Hmm, that depends, the nappies endure a lot of peeing, pooing and washing, eventually they will wear out. If however you have a full set of nappies, and that means buying about 20-25, you never tumble dry, never soak, wash at 30 constantly and wash within a day of soiling then you may find that your nappies will be reusable for another child.

How many nappies will I need in total?

You will need 15 – 20 depending on how often you want to wash. If you plan to wash daily 15 will be fine, If not then it is a good idea to get some more. We suggest you wash daily to prevent the nappies from getting smelly.

What about Nappy Rash?

Cloth reusable nappies are no more likely to cause nappy rash than disposables. A recent survey conducted by Bristol University into nappy rash concluded that "disposable nappies give little protection" and that "the type of nappy worn did not emerge as a significant factor".

I have heard that babies potty train earlier when using cloth, is this true?

On the whole yes. There is a slight delay between your little one weeing, and absorption of the wee in cloth, so that toddlers learn to associate the wetness with peeing sooner than they do in disposables, therefore speeding up potty training.
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The best nappies I have ever used especially as a guy! I cannot believe how trim they are, how easy they are to use and how they dry so quickly. I now understand that you get what you pay for with cloth nappies. We have tried so many cheaper ones and they just leaked all of the time. These are the BEST! My wife and I got the first one for free at one of The Nappy Lady’s Workshops and then came back here to get more!
​Robert Wilson

Discover how much could you save by switching to reusable nappies

How much you can save depends on the age of your child and how long they will be in nappies for.  The sooner you start the more you will save!
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How is this calculated
We have conducted research into the price of disposable nappies on special in supermarkets at a range of places all over New Zealand to come up with an average cost of $0.62c per nappy which includes 3 disposable wipes per nappy change. The amount you save assumes you would always buy disposable nappies on special, so your real saving could be much higher. 
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