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Easyfit One Size Nappies

Tots Bots Easyfit Nappies are so convenient and easy to use it's unbelievable...

Easyfit nappies are hands down the most fantastic nappies for during the day. Why? Because they are so convenient and easy to use. They are really trim fitting and dry as fast as a pocket nappy because of the TotsBots fast drying pull out design.  All this and it is also a one size fits most nappy, meaning you only buy one size of nappy.

The Easyfit is a very trim fitting cloth nappy that is very easy to use, especially when you are out and about. They are the ultimate in convenience and dry quickly.

IMG 5663 500-300x265The latest Easyfit has an all-new unique layered fabric, Binky. It features an awesomely absorbent Bamboo & Cotton blend on the upper side which is nice and natural next to Bubba’s skin. The supersoft, fast-drying Minky is tucked away on the lower side, and does a very good job of storing away all the wetness.         

The best of both fabric is wonderful and strikes the perfect balance between softness, absorbency and durability without compromising on the drying time. The new Easyfit also comes with a pop in booster for extra flux capacity!

We are extremely proud of our award winning Easyfit and super excited about this great new edition. Don’t just take our word for it; here is what some of our super nappy testers had to say:

“I’m so happy about the return of bamboo and loving having the natural bamboo fabric next to my baby’s skin”
“Another great TotsBots design – so soft with excellent absorbency”
“The new fabric provides the best of both worlds by combining Minky and Bamboo!”

Pros- Easy on, easy off, slim fitting & fast drying. Great for day-time!
Cons – May need boosting for heavy wetters. 


Kate, The Nappy Lady demonstrates the latest Easyfit V4 nappy