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TotsBots Teenyfit Hickory

TotsBots Teenyfit Hickory

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Pick up a TotsBots TeenyFit and start using reusable nappies with your newborn from day one. They're as easy to use as a disposable, just simply wash and reuse. Fitting from 5-12lbs the TeenyFit is perfect for tiny babies, premature babies and newborn. 

Save 1 plastic bottle from landfill with every TeenyFit. Our waterproof fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic, turning waste into something wonderful and helping to protect the world your baby will inherit. We're the first reusable nappy company in the world to do this, so now you can reduce, reuse and recycle with TotsBots, flufftastic! 

The TeenyFit can hold up to 160ml

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